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Cow Welfare Flexstalls - 10 YEAR GUARANTEE

Developed in Denmark, the patented Cow Welfare FlexStall System brings innovation with a focus on animal health and comfort to the US dairyman. The flexible stalls, composed of a strong, yet pliable plastic composite, not a brittle PVC material. The stall design guides the cow to lie down gently and safely while encouraging proper cow placement in the stall. There is no risk of injury to the neck and/or legs as the cow gets up and exits stalls. 

Healthy Cows Are Profitable Cows

Cow Welfare's Flex Stalls can increase your barn's productivity and profitability, enabling dairy farmers to: 

  • Create a more comfortable cow environment
  • Minimize animal injuries
  • Encourage resting time in the barn
  • Decrease stall cleaning time and cost
  • Reduce bedding costs
  • Impact cull rate and milk production


JKL Construction is proud to represent Cow Welfare Flex Stalls in the following states: 

  • Kansas
  • Texas
  • Oklahoma
  • Nebraska
  • New Mexico
  • Colorado

Consultation And Installation

JKL Construction provides: 

  • Complete barn and stall design services
  • Thorough material and labor cost projections
  • Professional and guaranteed installation

Cow Welfare

JKL Construction has 40 years of commitment to its customers and the community.  As a proud certified cow welfare dealer, we look forward to speaking with you about the many options open to you! Give us a call today.

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